About Meetinginvestors.com

Meetinginvestors.com is the solution:

Every investor is looking for great businesses opportunities and fundraisers are looking for the right capital partners, obviously. Although both parties claim to be visible and findable, neither of both actually are. The capital market just isn’t transparent at all.

Are you familiar with the concept of a dating site? The solution is that easy. Meetinginvestors.com is a profile based search engine for investors and fundraisers. Meetinginvestors.com is not a funding website, we are matchmakers. The main focus of our platform is to make the capital market transparent and to connect fundraisers with investors and vice versa.

Looking for funding? 

Select your investor by searching on investment round, location, language, available funds, and many more options. Connect directly with the private investor or a venture capital firm through our CRM system, meet up and make a deal!

Looking for great investment opportunities? 

Find a matching business opportunity by searching on deal type, market, location, valuation, ticket size and many more options. Request their deal documents or contact them directly through our CRM system and start investing.

About the company

Meetinginvestors was launched in 2021 during the pandemic. The founders have experience in general business, sales, capital markets, investing and fundraising. One of the founders experienced fundraising as an unstructured, long and difficult process. Simplification of the process using a simple online interface and creating transparency in this market was the solution.